Immediate fight against the 5
specific problems of bleached hair:
breakage, porosity, frizz, brass,
and greening caused by the swimming pool.


What does it do?

Reconstruction and absolute prevention against
damage for the prior, during, and post- bleaching phases.
For unbreakable and radiant hair like never seen before!

For whom?

All hair types and textures
damaged by chemical processes.



Pearl Shield Technology

Absolute reconstruction and prevention complex that allows you to recover,
protect and keep bleached hair strands intact, healthy and shiny.

Dextrin cycle:

It guarantees the gradual release of active ingredients, enhancing your results.

Octyl restore:

Reinforces the internal structure of the hair strand.

Pearl protein:

Restores the natural elasticity of the fiber and prevents brass.

Step by step

Check out the step-by-step of this product line below.