Social and
environmental responsibility

Beautiful means taking care of people and our planet.
The change happens in the small choices we make that,
when practiced daily, cause great impact
and transform the world around us.

We are not perfect yet, we are committed
to improving constantly and we will get there.

of the future

In 2021, we started the first edition of the
Cabeleireiro do Futuro (Hairdresser of the Future)
project, in partnership with Gerando Falcões,
a social-development ecosystem.

Initially, we are going to train ten low-income women
to become beauty professionals, introducing
them to the job market.

Behind our

We recently changed all the
Cadiveu Essentials packaging.

Now, they are 100% recycled, 100% made
from used bottles.
Using recycled PET resin, we reduce energy costs
and contribute to the circular economy.